Envisioned since 2012, Water Cities is fulfilling its mission to shape the physical, human, cultural and economic architectures of developing cities and communities on water


Innovating Human Life on Water

Solutions for the Megacentury

Our goal is to industrialise and integrate key processes to facilitate simple, sustainable building and infrastructure solutions for the development of climate resilient, waterfront cities and communities in Africa.

One of the megacentury’s dominant and unstoppable trends is urbanization. The outcome is a growing number of megacities worldwide, all of which face the same challenges. Within this context  just as Silicon Valley acts as the home for new technologies, it is the cities of the developing world that will generate responsible solutions for the larger world.

In Asia and Africa particularly, the pressures of urbanisation and changing climates increase demand for land reclamation.
1. This is often an environmental hazard, reduces waterways while increasing risks of floods.
2. High capital investments required for land reclamation makes this approach only viable for high-income city developments. 

‘Why fight water, when we can  learn to live with it?’

As thinkers, creatives and agents of change, our role is to reveal these solutions and apply them so that we shape the physical, human and commercial structures that are critical to the near future of human civilization.

Our activities encompass city development research and strategy advisory service, conceptualization and creative structuring, architecture and product design, infrastructure design, product development and development advisory services.

Across all these fields we explore the infusion of relevant global ideas and the advanced technologies that add sustainable value. And our global and diverse network of experts and collaborators, as well as our products and our services, are of world-class quality and integrity. At the same time, we ensure authentic relevance through the deployment of local resources, capacity building and economy of means.