Together with our partners and experts in strategy, research and analysis, Water Cities aims to transform our thinking and increase our understanding of human life on and by water

Learning from Lamu

Lamu, Kenya 2021

NLÉ Works and North East Productions collaborated on a documentary research titled “Learning from Lamu: Water, Urban Transformation and African Heritage” headed by award-winning Nigerian Architect and Urban Researcher Kunlé Adeyemi (Lagos/Amsterdam) and North East Productions founder Azza Satti. As part of the research project, the documentary focuses on on the effects of the Lamu… Continue reading Learning from Lamu

1st UN-Habitat Assembly

Nairobi, Kenya 2019

NLÉ was thrilled to be part of the First UN-Habitat Assembly, addressing the crucial theme of “Innovation for better quality of life in cities and communities”, and to showcase a model of the Makoko Floating System (MFS™), African Water Cities project – displayed in the United Nations Office pond in Nairobi, Kenya. MFS by NLÉ… Continue reading 1st UN-Habitat Assembly

Atelier LUMA Masterclass

Arles, France 2018

In the wake of a rising global interest for resilient cities and water management issues related to human habitat, and building on “Jean Prouvé, the better days” exhibition, atelier LUMA initiates a masterclass on floodproof and demountable architecture and self construction. The masterclass will investigate this global concern on a local level in a 6-day… Continue reading Atelier LUMA Masterclass

Harvard GSD Studio – Spring 2017

BUILDING INDUSTRIES IN AFRICAN WATER CITES This studio explores the city of Durban to examine the challenges and opportunities presented by the impacts of urbanization in the social, physical, and environmental context of the African continent. The aim is to build industries–to produce a series of new architectural, infrastructural, and urban solutions learning from the… Continue reading Harvard GSD Studio – Spring 2017

Waterfront Atlas Exhibition

Venice, Italy 2016

WATERFRONT Atlas is a collaborative knowledge platform that brings the local intelligence of aquatic communities like Makoko, Lagos to the world at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia curated by Alejandro Aravena. It aims to identify, gather and cultivate the intelligence of communities and cities by water with a motivation to… Continue reading Waterfront Atlas Exhibition