Water Cities provides strategic urban planning and development services through field work, research and advocacy of climate actions and emerging water cultures.


Water Cities aims to constantly increase our understanding of waterfronts and waterfront development, and work with our partners in developing impactful research and understanding of urban and rural waterfronts. Reach out for more information

Development Studies

The impact of rapid urbanisation and economic growth of cities is now common knowledge, yet it cannot be overemphasised. At the same time the impact of climate change is now day-to-day reality. Particularly in coastal cities in the global south that now experience significant increases in sea levels, rainfall and flooding. Water Cities has a… Continue reading Development Studies

Design & Engineering

We conceive, design and develop building and infrastructural solutions on and around water. With our partners and in house design firm NLÉ, we assemble design and engineering teams to meet our clients requirements in challenging conditions, globally. Through architecture and design, we add critical value to projects and the resulting built environment in Africa and… Continue reading Design & Engineering


As think tank for urban and rural transformations, Water Cities is a global thought leader in the fields of architecture, urban theory and practice. We develop workshops, masterclasses and lectures for advocacy of nature based solutions and climate change adaptations. Reach out for more information