Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction. Selected Projects by ‘A’A’ L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui – 2014

A special issue of leading French contemporary architecture magazine ‘A’A’ L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui features Selected Projects from the winners of the 4th International Holcim Awards competition for sustainable construction projects and visions.
The Holcim Awards prize-winning projects show the importance of using sophisticated approaches that address environmental performance but also further progress regarding enhanced social, financial and aesthetic outcomes.
NLÉ Chicoco Radio won the Acknowledgement Prize and it is mentioned as a project designed to give a voice to an otherwise invisible community and to allow it to connect on its own terms with the world beyond. It is intended as a metaphorical and virtual bridge to the wider world. More information on pages 38-39 or on Holcim Foundation website.